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Sources Of Pesticides
Jun 12, 2016

① inorganic pesticides and mineral. Such as lead arsenate and arsenic acid, calcium, sodium and fluoride mineral oil emulsion, etc. The efficacy of insecticides generally lower, damage to crops caused by drugs, and arsenic trioxide on human toxicity. Own machine after heavy use of synthetic insecticides was largely eliminated. ② Botanical insecticides. About more than 1000 species of plants against insects in the world has more or less virulent. Extensive application of pyrethrum, rotenone, and tobacco. In addition some plants like the ones in the juvenile hormone, precocene, molting hormone activity. From the root bark of the tree, bark or separation of camptothecin in fruits of Dendrolimus punctatus has a strong role in infertility. ③ synthetic organic pesticides. As organic chlorine class of DDT, and 666, and sulfur Dan, and poison fen,, DDT, 666 had is production big, and application wide of two a pesticide varieties, but for easy in organisms in the accumulation, from in the early 1970 of the 20th century began in many national disabled or limited with; organic p class of on sulfur p, and trichlorfon, and Dimethoate, about 400 a varieties above, production home pesticides of first bit; amino carboxylic acid ester class of carbaryl, and furan Dan,; intends pyrethrum ester class of cyanide e Chrysanthemum ester, and bromide cyanide Chrysanthemum ester,; organic nitrogen class of insecticidal amidine, and insecticidal double,. ④ insect endocrine disrupting pesticides. Various juvenile hormone, sex hormone analogs (see insect hormone pesticides).