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Infant, Insect Repellent To Be Careful
Jun 12, 2016

For the baby, smoke, chemical against mosquitoes agents are likely to cause harm, the best method is the distribution of mosquito nets, curtains, etc. Meanwhile, baby wear thin cotton, more lenient long pants can also reduce the chance of mosquito bites. To infants and young children using adult mosquito water should be used after 5 times times, before using the baby inside of the upper arm to try and confirm that no adverse allergic reactions to use. For the baby, there is another safe bet, is the chosen products with anti-mosquito effects in contact with skin. Mosquito stick, put it in the baby's bed or clothing on the edge, but its effect is small, only a distance of 3-4 metres. In addition, remind parents to give the baby a bath. When bathing the baby, you can get two with star anise and fennel, soaked in warm water, is like giving a child wearing an invisible shield, although indigenous, but mosquitoes are effective. There is to try to take the children to the less grass and trees where mosquitoes gather to prevent mosquito bites.