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EU Proposes To Restrict Use Of Methoxyfenozide
Jan 25, 2019
The approval of the insecticide active substance methoxyfenozide, as a candidate for substitution, is proposed to be renewed by the European Commission. 
The Commission proposes that methoxyfenozide could only be authorized to use on fruiting vegetables of solanaceae in greenhouse.
And the EU Member States shall pay particular attention to:  
  • protection of groundwater when the substance is applied in regions with vulnerable soil and/or climate conditions; 
  • risk of accumulation in soil; 
  • protection of non-target arthropods, sediment dwelling and aquatic organisms. 
Conditions of use shall include risk mitigation measures, where appropriate. 
The applicant shall submit to the Commission, the Member States and the Authority confirmatory information as regards: 
  • a comparative in vitro metabolism study on methoxyfenozide, by 1 February 2020; 
  • Effect of water treatment processes on the nature of residues present in surface and groundwater, when surface water or groundwater is abstracted for drinking water, within 2 years after adoption of a guidance document on evaluation of the effect of water treatment processes on the nature of residues present in surface and groundwater; 
  • Endocrine disrupting potential of methoxyfenozide as regards the thyroid modality/pathway, providing in particular mechanistic data to clarify in accordance with Points 3,6,5 and 3,8,2 of Annex II of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009, as amended by Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/6052 , whether there is a thyroid endocrine disrupting mode of action, by 10 November 2020.

Source: EU pesticide webiste