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Rent Room Mosquito Burst Fire Accidentally Ignited Sheets Awakened People
Jun 12, 2016

Southeast network April 15 night, Tongan, pool community 71st Street West of Datong rental building fire emergency, because of the heavy fire, surrounded by household tap water cannot extinguish the fire. Reporters follow Daido fire brigade arrived at the scene, see the four-storey buildings, fire from the second floor of a room overflowing, a fierce fire spread out of the window and started on the third floor. Some tenants next door rushed to grab some supplies from the fire, with live people use indoor sprinkler pipes through the window. According to alarm people, because Interior beds and quilts and other flammable materials, fire is not under control. Fire players first cut power, immediately organization personnel on site onlookers masses for evacuation, and on site alert, prevent has nothing to do personnel near fire; a group soldiers laying good water with route, out two support gun, a support gun in housing outside downstairs from window to fire room shot water control fire, another a support gun straight hit fire room internal; search-and-rescue group wearing good personal protection equipment Hou, in gun positions of cover Xia, into floors on live in building within of tenants for evacuation.