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Mosquito Control Guidelines
Jun 12, 2016

Mosquitoes can live without water, you know? From egg to adult mosquito, the time to be spent in the water for about 7 days. Effective mosquito and control mosquito breeding places of the first. We have checked and cleared at least once a week the water environment (such as small containers, saucers of potted plants, air-conditioner trays, kitchen bathroom floor drain, etc). Second, had the necessary facilities for mosquito. Intact screen doors, window screens, ensure good ventilation of the place at the same time, to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room more effectively. Anti-mosquito nets is the most secure, when babies or living in conditions when there is a serious mosquito problem, with components on human environment-friendly of soaking agents soaked mosquito nets, mosquito prevention more effective. At a place of business and facilities installed at the entrance of a professional pest control air curtains, can be very effective in preventing mosquito invasion. Professional pest control air curtains-focused, and in terms of wind speed and wind angle, as compared with ordinary air curtain a qualitative upgrade, and its winds of 17 mph, mosquito-proof impact has been immediate.