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Method Of Controlling The Fly Guide
Jun 12, 2016

Flies feeding very complex, often lay eggs in the garbage, feces and rotting plants or animals. Fly's life cycle consists of egg, larva, pupa and adult flies, under the appropriate conditions, such as the common housefly, at 16 completed the entire life cycle takes 20 days, but in the 30 c only 10-12 days, and only 15% the number of flies. Therefore, the primary task is to control the breeding of flies and breed: (1) timely, completely clear of garbage, feces and decay of plants and animals, kept in a clean and sanitary environment, (2) install intact screen door and window screens, which can keep the room well ventilated, and can effectively prevent flies from entering the room. Large commercial establishments generally flow, so must be installed ventilation channels in the commonly used professional pest control air curtains to block the invasion of flies. Professional pest control air curtains-focused, and in terms of wind speed and wind angle, winds of 17 mph, compared with ordinary air curtain a breakthrough upgrade, insect-proof effect.