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How To Use Fungicides On Control Of Pepper
Jun 12, 2016

Pepper Sclerotinia stem or leaf diverge victims, began to produce watery Wang Brown irregular spots, moisture, rot, and long white mycelium. Occurrence of bacteria strains suitable growth temperature of 15 c-24 c, spring and autumn occurs when a warm rain of the rainy season; low lying and poor drainage onset is heavy. Control of the early stages use soil around seedling rootstock, drug formula is: 40% pentachloronitrobenzene or carbendazim 0.5 kg, 100 kilograms of fine soil, mix well and serve. Sweet (spicy) pepper virus disease control method broadcast Qian seed with 10% phosphate three sodium liquid soaking 20-30 minutes, with water wash NET Hou germination sowing; in points seedlings, and colonization Qian and flowering spray zinc sulfate 500-1000 times liquid; timely dressing watering, grasp flowering, and young fruit period and the fruit inflated period of fertilizer management is disease of key; planting high stalk barrier crop (corn),, to reduced aphids biography HIV; used aluminum silver film avoidance aphid or timely pest control; onset rubber or onset early spray 20% Virus a wettable powder 500 times times or NS-83 resistance 100 times times, spirit or 15% of plant disease emulsion 1000 times times, spray 1 every 10 days, Jet 2-4 times in a row.