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Foreign Mosquito Artifact Failure Expert In China: Top Mosquito Resistance In China
Jun 12, 2016

Taiwan media said the city, the rainy season, the annual "one war" began. But many users found that city, mosquitoes are resistant, a lot of foreign mosquito arrived after the artifact "acclimatized", regardless of use. Taiwan "Central News Agency" Web site on July 6, citing city, the modern express reported, in order to eliminate mosquitoes, MA city are willing to buy from abroad, "mosquito", in Japan and the United States are mostly insect repellent solution (liquid for mosquito) best-selling and high standards of foreign repellent on infants and the purchase. However, many users reflect foreign insect repellent "gods" to the Mainland, "mosquitoes don't buy it", the effect is not obvious. Experts say this phenomenon does exist, mainland mosquitoes resistant to some drugs, mosquito stronger than abroad. Insecticidal preparations before lax management, therefore, already banned DDT (DDT), Dichlorvos (DDVP) pesticides for mosquito control, causing mosquito resistance to 1 year more than 1 year, and ability to survive is stronger.