Solar Moth-killing Lamp

Solar Moth-killing Lamp

Solar Moth-killing Lamp


Are you looking for customized bulk solar moth-killing lamp of high quality? BOSMAN is one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers, which is waiting for you to buy solar moth-killing lamp in stock from us.





Rated voltage, V


Rated power, W


Wave length,


Tolerance of wave length, nm


DC working voltage of high-voltage network, KV

2 to 3KV (Contacting with it by accident will not cause damage to people.)

Interval of grid, nm

5 to 10mm (Adjustable)

Insulation resistance, Ω

≥ 2.5

Area of pest control, m2

6,600 to 20,000

Height of the solar moth-killing lamp post, m

2.0 to 2.8

The solar moth-killing lamp is provided with a wide variety of types. It can trap and kill multiple vegetable pests as the prodenia litura, beet armyworm, plusia agnata staudinger, heliothis assulta, phyllotreta vittata fabricius, mole cricket, etc.

By adopting four kinds of mode, namely light, wave, color and odor, for trapping and killing adult pests, this product is remarkable in reducing egg laying quantity in fields, lowering the base number of pests and controlling the pests damaging vegetables.

High-voltage controller: We adopt microcomputer (digitization) direct-current frequency vibration control technology.
Insecticidal controller: Our product can be controlled by the light, time and the rain. At night, it can automatically light up and work (light-controlled). It also can automatically turn off the light after work for 4 to 5 hours (time-controlled). Thanks to the automatic protection function of microcomputer, it dispenses with the guard of people and will realize automatic power off when it rains (rain-controlled).
Applicable Scope: This product can be used in fruit gardens, vegetable production bases, cotton fields, tea gardens, rice fields, fish ponds, parks, breeding sites, etc.

Related Names

Mosquito Killer | Pantry Moth Traps | Cockroach Killer

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