Glue Board Insect Trap

Glue Board Insect Trap

Glue Board Insect Trap


Are you looking for customized bulk glue board insect trap of high quality? BOSMAN is one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers, which is waiting for you to buy glue board insect trap in stock from us.





Board size


Usage area


Installation height above crops


Yellow sticking plank

Used to control the whitefly, aphid, thrips, leaf miner, leafhopper, coccid and other diptera pests.

Blue sticking plank

Target pests include the leafhopper, thrips, rice fulgorid, striped rice borer, cotton bollworm, noctuid and so on.

The glue board insect trap adopts physical control technology and utilizes the phototaxis of pests to trap and kill agricultural pests. It is environmentally protective and low-cost, by using which for a whole year, the application time of pesticides can be greatly reduced. Through killing adult pests, this product effectively controls the reproduction of pests, prevents virus spreading, reduces harm, improves biological yield and enhances economic performance.

What's more, this product features no pesticide residual and will not cause pest resistance. If used with the gyplure, it will surprise you by destroying various and numerous pests.
This insect trap is made with the propene polymer board and the environment-protected glue for sticking pests. 6 month of usage period is available when it is used in the field, and if used in greenhouses, the usage period will be more than 1 year. Now it is widely applied in the fields of the vegetable, melon and fruit, tobacco, tea, flower, crude drug, fruit tree, etc.

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Insect Exterminator | Pest Treatment Devices | Mice Sticky Trap

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